• 9.8.2018

    New refrigeration systems for Vaasa Arena

    The scope of engineering systems renovation contract carried out by Suomen Tekojää Oy for ice arena in the city of Vaasa included technical equipment supply on a turn-key basis. From now on the refrigeration of home ice rink of Vaasan Sport Liiga hockey team as well as two adjacent training ice rinks is handled by two ST N700 refrigeration units manufactured in our workshop in Parkano. The units are placed in a free-standing technical container. Two high COP condensation heat pump units producing hot water for different heating circuits of the building are placed in the same container. Naturally-occurring and environmentally friendly ammonia (NH3) is used as a refrigerant of all the refrigeration equipment supplied by us as part of the project.

    The containerized plant room was being made in our manufacturing facilities in Parkano throughout June and was delivered to Vaasa on the second week of July. Once all necessary connections, trials as well as commissioning and start-up activities had been completed the training arenas were put into operation as early as the end of July.

  • 28.6.2018

    Equipment supply for Kaarela ice arena in Helsinki

    Suomen Tekojää Oy has delivered refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump systems to the new twin rinks ice arena located in Kaarela district in Helsinki. Both ammonia refrigeration equipment with cooling power of 700 kW and condensation heat pump with heating power of 200 kW are located on the lower floor of the free standing technical container. The air handling unit serving the ice hall room is located on the upper floor of the technical container and the liquid cooler is installed on the roof of the container. Condensation heat generated by the refrigeration equipment is recovered to be utilized in the air handling unit heating coils and by means of the heat pump in different heating systems of the arena building.

  • 26.2.2018

    Supplementary tunnel freezers in Seinäjoki

    We have manufactured NH3 and CO2 refrigeration units for the extension area of frozen food store in Seinäjoki. Tunnel freezers, frozen and cold premises of the store with total area of more than 7200 m2 have already had refrigeration units manufactured by us in 2009-2010. The tunneling space of the storage has doubled after the second phase extension part with total area of 260 m2 was put into operation. The new refrigeration units are placed in a free-standing technical container close to the storage building.

  • 21.11.2017

    Refrigeration equipment for ice rink in Perho

    We have manufactured energy efficient fully remote-controlled refrigeration unit for the ice rink in the municipality of Perho. The unit is placed in a free-standing technical container just beside the rink.

  • 9.10.2017

    Football field with under-soil heating system in Sports park in Lahti

    We have manufactured heat exchanger package unit for under-soil heating system of football pitch located in Sports park in Lahti, Finland. The unit is installed close to the pitch inside a free-standing technical container.

  • 30.8.2017

    Finnish-made refrigeration equipment to Iceland

    We have manufactured and delivered to Reykjavik, Iceland, a new ST F450 refrigeration unit designed specifically for ice skating rinks. The refrigeration unit with a cooling capacity of 450 kW is placed in a free-standing technical container right outside the Skautahöll skating hall with a capacity of 800 spectators.

  • 28.8.2017

    New Finnish-made refrigeration unit for Askims Ice arena in Göteborg

    Our company contracted a large-scale renovation project in Askims Ice hall located in Göteborg, Sweden. Our scope of works included dismantling of existing refrigeration and heat supply systems, installing and commissioning of the newly-installed refrigeration, heat recovery and heat pump systems as well as installation of heat supply systems of the whole building. A new ST N400 ammonia refrigeration unit assembled in our manufacturing facilities in Parkano has been installed in the machinery room of the ice hall along with a 200 kW heat pump designed to utilize condensation heat of the refrigeration equipment. Hot water produced by the high COP heat pump is stored in two hot water storage tanks for further use in different heating applications of the building.

  • 25.8.2017

    New refrigeration equipment for ice arena in Ruovesi

    We have manufactured a new ammonia refrigeration unit for ice arena in the municipality of Ruovesi (Finland). Our contract included dismantling of the existing equipment as well as engineering, assembling and installation of the new one to be placed in the existing machine room of the arena. A high-efficiency heat pump placed in the same machine room with the refrigeration unit is used to increase condensation heat generated by the refrigeration equipment and transfer heat energy to heating systems of the arena via hot water storage tank.

  • 14.8.2017

    A new refrigeration unit for ice arena in Polvijärvi

    We have manufactured a new energy-efficient totally remote-controlled refrigeration unit for ice arena in Polvijärvi, Finland. The unit is placed inside a free-standing outdoor technical container.

  • 10.8.2017

    New refrigeration equipment for ice arena in Suupohja

    A system upgrade was performed for the refrigeration equipment of ice arena in the municipality of Suupohja (Finland) while the arena was on summer break in 2017. Our contract included engineering, assembling and installation of the new ammonia refrigeration system on turnkey basis. Ready-to-use factory-assembled ammonia container-type refrigeration unit was transported to the site and put into operation after the necessary piping and electrical connections were completed. A heat pump unit was placed in the same technical container along with the refrigeration unit. The heat pump with high COP is used to produce hot water for various heating applications of the arena.