• 24.7.2017

    Ammonia refrigeration unit for a new ice arena in Tesoma

    A new ice arena with a capacity of 1396 spectators was completed in Tesoma regional center (Tampere, Finland) in July 2017. As a contractor for refrigeration systems of the arena Suomen Tekojää Oy manufactured in its workshop in Parkano a free-standing outdoor technical refrigeration container to be placed at the rear side of the arena building. Factory-made container-type ammonia refrigeration unit was transported to the construction site. After completion of all the necessary piping and electrical works the refrigeration unit was put into operation.

  • 17.7.2017

    New refrigeration, heat recovery and ventilation equipment for ice arena in Kuortane

    Suomen Tekojää Oy contracted to renovate HVAC-systems of ice arena of sports college in Kuortane, Finland. Existing refrigeration and ventilation equipment of the arena has been replaced with a new state-of-the-art totally remote-controlled unit placed inside an outdoor free-standing technical container. Ammonia refrigeration equipment with cooling capacity of 580 kW and condensation heat pump unit with heating capacity of 200 kW are both placed on the lower level of the technical container. Air handling unit of the arena is placed on the upper level and liquid cooler is mounted on the roof of the container. Condensation heat generated by the refrigeration equipment is recovered and utilized in air handling unit coils and in different heating circuits of the arena by means of the heat pump.

    The biggest challenge of this large-scale project was that the ice rink had to stay available throughout the renovation work. Proper timing of installation works and work stages helped us to handle the challenge successfully hence replacing the existing systems with new ones has been carried out smoothly.

  • 27.4.2017

    Water chilling unit for ceATec

    We have manufactured a water chilling unit with cooling capacity of 300 kW for ceATec. The refriferation unit will be delivered to the chipboard plant in Switzerland.

  • 12.4.2017

    Ice rink in sports park of Espoonlahti in Espoo

    We have manufactured a refrigeration unit for an artificial ice rink located in the sports park of Espoonlahti in Espoo, Finland. Container-type refrigeration unit is identical to the one delivered by us to sports park of Leppävaara and Matinkylä in Espoo earlier. Total cooling capacity of ammonia refrigeration unit designed to be used for ice hockey rink is 460 kW.

  • 7.3.2017

    Water chilling unit for Dieffenbacher

    We have manufactured a water chilling unit with cooling capacity of 300 kW for Dieffenbacher. The unit is designed to provide cooled water for gluing machines of chipboard plant located in Switzerland.

  • 21.2.2017

    Cold storage warehouse

    We have manufactured NH3- and CO2-refrigeration units for cold storage warehouse recently completed in Marjamäki, Lempäälä. The warehouse with total area of more than 5,000 m2 includes refrigeration tunnels, cold-storage rooms and moderately cold premises. The refrigeration units are located both in the plant room of the warehouse and in the free-standing technical container located outside the warehouse.

  • 6.2.2017

    We take part in SGGF 2017

    SGGF 2017 -fair takes place in Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre (TESC) 16. – 17.3.2017. You are welcome to meet us and our solutions at stand A733.

    Further information: SGGF 2017

  • 24.1.2017

    New logo for Suomen Tekojää

    Suomen Tekojää has renewed its image and introduced a new logo to be used from the beginning of 2017. The new logo with composition containing snowflake, ice crystal and refrigeration container represents our business sector and products. The new logo combines new refreshed image of the company with familiar tints of blue and white. These common colors not only breathe the spirit of snow and ice but also represent high level of Finnish skillfulness which is our trump card on international competitive market too.

    The new logo has been designed by advertising agency Mainospalvelu Säkä from Parkano.


  • 13.12.2016

    District cooling plant for energy provider in Jyväskylä, Finland

    A new ice arena containing two ice rinks has recently been completed as part of the extension of the Buugi recreation and fitness center in the city of Jyväskylä, Finland. The amount of cooling energy required by the arena is produced by means of district cooling plant located in technical container owned by local energy provider and manufactured by Suomen Tekojää Oy.

    Brine cooled freon refrigeration equipment with cooling capacity of 580 kW and R407F as a refrigerant is located on the ground floor of two-level technical container located just outside the arena. Condensing heat released from the equipment is recovered to be transferred to the facility heating network as well as to the heating coil of arena air handling unit located on the upper floor of the technical container. The refrigeration equipment is designed to provide cooling energy for ice rinks of the arena as well as to ensure air conditioning of personnel and public premises of the fitness center by means of ventilation systems.