• 13.12.2016

    District cooling plant for energy provider in Jyväskylä, Finland

    A new ice arena containing two ice rinks has recently been completed as part of the extension of the Buugi recreation and fitness center in the city of Jyväskylä, Finland. The amount of cooling energy required by the arena is produced by means of district cooling plant located in technical container owned by local energy provider and manufactured by Suomen Tekojää Oy.

    Brine cooled freon refrigeration equipment with cooling capacity of 580 kW and R407F as a refrigerant is located on the ground floor of two-level technical container located just outside the arena. Condensing heat released from the equipment is recovered to be transferred to the facility heating network as well as to the heating coil of arena air handling unit located on the upper floor of the technical container. The refrigeration equipment is designed to provide cooling energy for ice rinks of the arena as well as to ensure air conditioning of personnel and public premises of the fitness center by means of ventilation systems.

  • 17.11.2016

    New refrigeration equipment for skating center in Seinäjoki

    Recently renovated skating center in Seinäjoki has now three ice arenas and a large ice rink with 400 m speed skating track. Refrigeration equipment of large ice rink, existing ice arena and new ice arena built to replace former outdoor ice hockey rink has been renovated as part of recently completed project.

    Scope of works performed by Suomen Tekojää Oy included dismantling of existing refrigeration equipment, engineering of new refrigeration units, installation and commissioning on turnkey basis as well as replacement of ice rink slab cooling pipeline and transit brine pipeline in new ice arena built to replace former outdoor ice hockey rink. New state-of-the-art remote controlled ammonia refrigeration equipment has been installed in existing refrigeration plant room. Total cooling capacity of the equipment is divided to provide 2 MW for the large ice rink and 500 kW for two ice arenas. A condensing heat pump unit with heating capacity of 630 kW is installed in the same plant room with the refrigeration equipment. The unit is designed to heat water up to 60oC for further use in radiator heating and domestic hot water systems of the skating center.

  • 4.11.2016

    Mobile refrigeration unit for Kuopion Energia

    We have manufactured a mobile refrigeration unit with cooling capacity of 1,6 MW by order of local energy company Kuopion Energia. The unit has been connected to district cooling system of KYS Puijo hospital area. Autonomously operating refrigeration unit is equipped with its own internal transformer station connected to 20 kV power network. A weather dependent free cooling system with cooling capacity of 500 kW is designed to ensure cooling supply without using the refrigeration compressors.

  • 27.10.2016

    Ice rink in sports park of Matinkylä in Espoo

    We have manufactured a refrigeration unit for an artificial ice rink located in the sports park of Matinkylä in Espoo, Finland. Container-type refrigeration unit is identical to the one delivered by us to sports park of Leppävaara in Espoo two years earlier. Total cooling capacity of ammonia refrigeration unit designed to be used for ice hockey rink is 460 kW.

  • 12.10.2016

    We take part in Energyfair 2016

    Energyfair 2016 takes place in Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre (TESC) 25. – 27.10.2016. You are welcome to meet us and our solutions at stand A311.

    Further information: Energyfair 2016

  • 3.10.2016

    Two heat pump units ST350HP for Adven Oy

    We have manufactured two heat pump units with freon R134a by order of Adven Oy based in Tornio, Finland. The units are designed to generate heat energy for radiator heating and domestic hot water systems of the building as well as cooling supply system if necessary. Total heating capacity of the units is 700 kW and cooling capacity is 500 kW. The first unit was delivered to the site and installed in heating plant room of the building in June 2016 and the second one in September 2016. The building that used to be a Lapin Kulta brewery has been recently refurbished into an Duudsonit Activity Park Tornio.

  • 28.9.2016

    New refrigeration unit for Trollbäcken ice arena

    We have manufactured a new refrigeration unit for Trollbäcken ice arena in the county of Tyresö, near by Stockholm Sweden. In addition to ammonia refrigeration unit located in existing refrigeration plant room our scope of delivery included efficient heat recovery equipment capable of utilizing condensation heat generated by refrigeration equipment and oil cooling system for different heating purposes of the arena. Special attention has been paid to energy efficiency hence motor solutions have been made with taking into account IE4 motor efficiency classification regulations.


  • 28.9.2016

    New container type refrigeration unit for ice arena in Jämsä

    We have manufactured a new refrigeration unit for ice arena in Jämsänjokilaakso, Finland. Our scope of works included dismantling of refrigeration equipment located in existing plant room, engineering of new refrigeration and heat recovery equipment as well as implementation of the project on turnkey basis. The new state-of-the-art ammonia refrigeration unit is located in free standing technical container. A heat pump unit is designed to recover condensation heat generated by the refrigeration equipment for further use in radiator heating and domestic hot water systems of the arena.

  • 19.8.2016

    New refrigeration equipment for Torwar arena in Warsaw

    We have manufactured new refrigeration unit for Torwar ice arena located in Warsaw, Poland. Torwar arena is designed to be used for multiple purposes such as ice hockey and other team sports competitions as well as mass concert and entertainment events. The capacity of the arena ranges from 5,000 to 8,000 spectators depending on the type of activities. In August 2016 a new indoor training ice hall was attached to the main arena building. Since then the new free-standing container-type ammonia refrigeration unit made by Suomen Tekojää Oy has been used to provide cooling power for both main and training ice rinks.

  • 16.8.2016

    New refrigeration equipment for Talvisalo Ice arena in Savonlinn

    We have manufactured new refrigeration unit for Talvisalo Ice arena. The scope of works included removing refrigeration equipment from the existing refrigeration plant, engineering of new refrigeration unit and heat recovery system as well as project implementation on turn-key basis. New state-of-the-art ammonia refrigeration plant is placed inside free-standing technical container. Condensation heat released from the refrigeration plant is utilized by means of heat pump for further use in radiator heating and domestic hot water systems of ice arena.