• 16.8.2016

    New refrigeration equipment for Kisapuisto park in Lappeenranta

    We have manufactured new refrigeration unit for Kisapuisto sports venue in Lappeenranta, Finland, and installed it in free-standing technical container. New equipment provides cooling energy for both ice rink and air conditioning systems of ice arena used by local ice hockey team SaiPa as well as for nearby outdoor artificial skating rink and ice hockey rink. The scope of works included removal of existing refrigeration equipment and pipelines, engineering of new refrigeration equipment on the basis of draft design, manufacturing of new refrigeration unit and turnkey installation. New state-of-the-art energy-efficient ammonia refrigeration plant is designed to be fully remote controlled.

  • 14.7.2016

    New refrigeration unit for ice arena in Kalajoki

    We have manufactured new refrigeration equipment for ice arena in Kalajoki, Finland. In addition to renovation of refrigeration equipment we have also upgraded heat recovery and automation systems of the arena as part of our contract agreement. Since renovation works were completed cooling power in Kalajoki ice arena has been generated by a state-of-the-art fully remote controlled ammonia refrigeration unit placed inside free-standing technical container. The container is also equipped with condensation heat pump unit designed to generate power for heating and water supply systems of ice arena.

  • 3.6.2016

    Launch of renewed website

    During the course of this spring we have been working on our new web pages and now we have reached the point when renewed website is ready to be launched. Although we are still going to continue further updating of our site, from now on more comprehensive information about our company, products and services is already available on our homepages.

    Renewal of the site has been carried out by local company called Luminka.

  • 27.5.2016

    Customer support phone number

    In order to provide better service for our customers we start using customer support phone number. From now on by calling +358 10 567 6010 you can contact our maintenance technician 24/7. Please note that our office telephone number has also changed to +358 10 567 6000. Mobile phone numbers of our staff will remain the same. You can find them in Contacts menu.

  • 27.5.2016

    Email addresses have changed

    Our email addresses have changed and will have a new shorter format of In addition to changing our email addresses we have set up a new email address which is All messages sent to this address will be forwarded internally to the person in charge.

  • 27.5.2016

    Suomen Tekojää Oy has provided ice for IIHF World Championships


    Preliminary round and play-off games of IIHF World Championships recently held in Moscow were played with the aid of refrigeration equipment produced by Suomen Tekojää Oy which has delivered all the refrigeration equipment being used in multi-purpose VTB Ice palace. Aside from large arena with a capacity of 12 100 spectators there are also a small arena with 3500 seats and a training ice rink with 500 seats all under the same roof. Four refrigeration units with cooling capacity of 550 kW each are used to ensure refrigeration of the ice rinks. Air conditioning of the arenas is ensured by means of four chillers with cooling capacity of 1700 kW each. The arena is also used by KHL team Dynamo Moscow to play its home games.

  • 27.5.2016

    Kisapuisto refrigeration equipment renovation

    Assembling of new refrigeration equipment to be delivered to Kisapuisto park in Lappeenranta is underway in manufacturing facilities of Suomen Tekojää Oy. New technical machinery is designed to provide cooling energy for the ice rink and air conditioning system of hockey club Saipa’s home ice arena as well as for outdoor skating rink and ice hockey rink both located close to the arena. The project is due to be completed by the end of July.