We sell our products by ourselves. Contact our sales department to be consulted on design issues related to different kinds of refrigeration equipment applications. Just get in touch with us and we will do our best to get your problem solved!

Our concept includes all: design, manufacturing process, installation and service. The products are also sold by us.

We offer desing and consulting services for different kinds of refrigeration equipment applications. We approach each project in a way that ensures getting a functional, energy efficient and long-term solution tailored with taking into account individual needs of your project. Our designers use CADS Planner and Solid Works software in their design work. For each of our projects we create 3D images by the use of 3D modeling software to offer our client a visual representation of the final product as early as at the design stage of the project.

Manufacturing and installation
Refrigeration, ventilation and heat pump package units designed to be used in a variety of applications are assembled in our manufacturing facilities located in Parkano, Finland, by our experienced and skillful staff. In our production process we use only high quality components produced by the most famous manufacturers. We always install our equipment on a turnkey basis ensuring that the system is handed over to the client in fully operational condition. Our factory-assembled units are always pretested at the workshop in order to provide the best end result and carry out on-site installation and commissioning procedures in as short time as possible.

Suomen Tekojää Oy offers a 24/7 reactive maintenance ensuring quick response in case of equipment malfunctions. We use remote control system to monitor equipment performance which enables us to pin the problem down and find a way to solve it in the shortest time possible. The most common spare parts are always in stock in our warehouse containing thousands of inventory items just next to our workshop. Our service vans which are almost constantly on the run are equipped with all necessary up-to-date service tools.

We also renovate automation systems of both existing refrigeration systems and building automation systems. In case you want to find an overall technical solution for your ice arena, optimize energy consumption and minimize service costs, get in touch with our engineers.

Suomen Tekojää Oy – Products

Ice arenas
We offer refrigeration, heat recovery, ventilation and heating systems for ice arenas either as factory-assembled container-type package units or installed and assembled on-site. In most of our projects we use environmentally friendly ammonia (NH3) as a refrigerant.
Ice rinks
We manufacture ice rink refrigeration units designed to be placed inside prefabricated technical container. We also supply stationary and mobile pipelines for ice rinks.

Outdoor heating systems
Heat exchanger package units of ST-series are designed and manufactured to meet customer-specific requirements. We have supplied and installed heating pipelines for a number of artificial soccer pitches and street heating systems.

Industrial refrigeration systems
We offer technical solutions and supply refrigeration equipment for frozen food storages and cold stores used in food processing and pharmaceutical industry. Environmentally friendly refrigerants such as ammonia (NH3) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are mainly used in our refrigeration units.

ST IV-series container-type ventilation plant, 2-8 m³/s
Our production range includes ventilation plants installed inside prefabricated technical container. Ventilation container of ST IV series is an easy solution to provide proper humidity and temperature control in buildings.

ST HP-series heat pumps
Heat pump package units are always dimensioned and assembled to meet the client’s specific requirements in the best possible way. We have supplied to a number of projects geothermal heat pumps as well as wastewater source heat pumps and condensation heat pumps.